Zebes is a planet which has served as the main setting in three Metroid games, Metroid, Super Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission. The planet was originally the Chozo races homeworld before many of their number left, and the Space Pirates attacked and claimed it as their base. The planet is destroyed in Super Metroid.


[edit] Lifeforms

The planet has a large amount of varied life, ranging from small creatures such as Geemers to monstrosities such as Crocomire. The life consists of both creatures who are native to Zebes and Offworld inhabitants, though some are unknown as to whether they are originally from the planet or brought there by the Chozo or the Space Pirates. Some, like the Mochtroid, were unnaturally brought into life upon the planet.

[edit] Native

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[edit] History

Zebes was colonised by the Chozo a great many years ago in the current Metroid timeline, arriving in the Wrecked Ship and proceeding to create the city of Chozodia. They then heavily modernised the surface of the rest of the planet.Many years on, the Chozo brought back the single survivor of the Space Pirate's attack on K2-L, Samus Aran, and proceeded to raise her and train her as a warrior. Around this time, they created Mother Brain to control the defences of the planet as Space Pirates tried their hardest to raid the planet, and oversaw the training and growth of Samus. Soon after the Chozo found the X-parasites on SR388, and worked with Mother Brain to create the first ever Metroids upon the planet, and released them to SR388's ecosystem to combat the X. The Chozo soon after grew tired of the 'metal' planet they lived on, mostly leaving it in search of somewhere where they can co-exist with nature, eventually finding Tallon IV. Mother Brain then closed the planet's defences allowing the Pirates to descend, betraying the Chozo. She became leader of the Pirates who attacked, who named themselves Zebesians after the planet they had conquered, naming it their new homeworld and base, and killing any Chozo left. Samus Aran was offered the chance to become one of Mother Brain's commanders, but of course declined, and left Zebes to join the Galactic Federation.

The Zebesian Space Pirates raided and pillaged across space over many years, and shortly before the events Metroid: Zero Mission stole a load of Metroids from a research vessel returning to Federation space from SR388. This warranted the Galactic Federation to hire Samus Aran (now a freelance bounty hunter) to head down to her old planet and eliminate all the Metroids there before the Zebesians use them as bio-weapons to destroy civilisation. She was also instructed to destroy Mother Brain, their controlling force. She battles across Zebes and eventually destroys Mother Brain, though is shot down by Pirate Ships, and crashes back down on the planet, losing her Power Suit. She then evades capture and returns to Chozodia, equipping a new, better suit after facing the Ruins Test, storming the Space Pirate Mothership and destroying Ridley Robot. She then finds a ship and escapes Zebes.

The Frigate Orpheon and two others were orbiting the planet during the fall of the Zebesian stronghold. Orpheon picked up Ridley from the planet and resuscitated him, before leaving to find a power source. They eventually find Tallon IV and Phazon. The other two resuscitated Kraid and created a new, improved Mother Brain, before beginning work to repair the base on Zebes.

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