X-Ray scope

The X-Ray scope is an addition for Samus's suit and it allows her to see behind walls which may hide a secret pathway of upgrade.

It only appears in Super Metroid.

[edit] Super Metroid

The X Ray scope is located in Lower Brinstar in a room that is located in the giant shaft.

This room is always accsesable from the beginning but is notoriously difficult to bypass with out the Space jump.

The room is a large room that is completely full of spikes which is only being lit by the light producing bugs.

If all these bugs (which can die by merely being touched) are killed the rooms goes pitch black and only enemy sprites and Samus's sprite can be seen.

If Samus does make it all the way across this room, another hatch appears which is the location of the scope.

Like the Spring ball, this item is easily overlooked as it doesn't require any major progression to the game.

To expert players who know the location of every item and secret tunnel by heart, this item is pointless only constituting for 100%

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