Wrecked Ship

The Wrecked Ship is a derelict spacecraft located on Planet Zebes and is the location where Phantoon is fought and the acquisition of the Gravity Suit upgrade, which allows you to explore Maridia freely.

It is only encountered in full in Super Metroid although a portion can be found in Zero Mission.

[edit] Super Metroid

In the game Super Metroid, to access the wrecked ship you need the Grapple Beam upgrade as there is a room that leads to it in Crateria that's impossible to pass without.

When you first enter the ship, it is completely powered down and the only forms of "life" are small insects and ghostly Spirits known as Covern. These ghosts continue to respawn until you defeat the boss of the area, Phantoon. It should be noted, however, when the power is down all save points, the map station and most hatches are inactive until the boss is killed.

Strangely enough, spikes do not hurt you when the power is out but when the power is reactivated, they do.

In the lowers sections of the ship Phantoom resides, sapping the power of the ship and their robotic servants in a small room. His fight is considered quite difficult as he launches powerful eye blast attacks sometimes at pure random. Firing a Super Missile into him enrages him making him turn invisible while launching the eye waves. His attacks can avoided by the Charge Beam mini screw attack, however. Once he is defeated, power returns to the ship and all ghostly activity subsides.

After Phantoon's defeat, you are now free to explore the entirety of the Wrecked ship which includes getting the Gravity Suit and making your way to Maridia, located just to the right of the ship.

At the very top of the ship, unique green Ki Hunters can be encountered. They are much tougher than regular ones and first time around, and the entire room must be cleared of all enemies including the aforementioned Ki Hunters to proceed.

In order to get the gravity suit, you need to go left in this Ki hunter room. This leads to an outdoor section where some expansions can be found. At the bottom of this "outdoor room" another hatch which leads to a room with a standing Chozo statue. To proceed you must morph ball in its hands and it will start walking to a secret room. To the left is the room where the suit can be acquired. If you bomb the floor located where the Chozo statue sits down, you can obtain a missile expansion in another room to the right.

[edit] Metroid Zero Mission

A very brief section of the Wrecked ship is located outside the Pirates Mother ship and it must be bypassed in order to return to Crateria from the ship.

In order to get there, you must Power Bomb a certain glass tunnel ala Super Metroid inside the Mother ship.

There is no items or enemies located down here.

[edit] Trivia

In the ending of Super Metroid when the countdown is going off, in the room where you fought the first Torizo to obtain your Bombs, your animal friends are there and to free them you must bomb the wall To the right. They run in the direction of the Wrecked ship which could assume they commandeered the ship to escape Zebes.

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