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A guide to Weavel

Most people think Weavel is weak, and only use is the alt form. But Weavel is actually a very strong hunter if used correctly.

Reasons for choosing weavel 1.Great advantages 2.Higher jumps 3.Better dodging 4.If you vs a noob that glitches, just get into their glitch , kill them and play on :D (since weavel is the god of glitches, BUT DO NOT GLITCH IF YOUR NOT GETTING GLITCHED/HACKED!!)

Affinity Weapon The battle hammer, does 12 damage with Area of Affect, and 18 with a direct hit. It doesnt have headshot damage. When weavel uses the battle hammer it has a Huge AoE (area of affect) and pushes the target away.

[edit] Alt Uses


Leave the Turret in the way of something so it takes time for your enemy to get past, then when they finally do you will be on the other side, switch to biped and attack. (the turret will take away at least 30 damage witch is a big advantage.

Dodging When Weavel switches to alt form he gets a little boost into the air, so when someone is aiming at you and your jumping around dodging, quickly switch in and out of alt to get a extra boost, which will cause damage to the opponent and give you a better dodge.


Leave the turret nearby your opponent and hide somewhere else, whilst they are focused on attacking the turret switch into biped and quickly kill them from your spot. this needs to be done quickly and accurately to take good effect.

bigger jump

jump into the air and then switch into alt to get a bigger jump than other hunters, you can use this to get to areas that other hunters cant get to easily.

Biped Use

Extra Damage+Dodge Use the dodging skill from ALT Use (but don't spam it all the time, rely on your weapons to kill. Just use the alt form to get in some extra damage)

SUPER JUMP' Shoot 2 battle hammers underneath you, jump then switch into alt to get a massive jump!

Battlehammer If you hold down the fire button, it will rapidly shoot the battle hammer. but i suggest to start off shooting it seperately untill you have a great aim and the confidence to hold down the fire button and get mostly every shot in

Good Bonus When you are using the Battlehammer, it pushes your enemy around which will stuff up there aim, and giving you a good advantage.

For more advice or training PM reflekt on neoseeker

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