The bounty hunter Weavel from Metroid Prime: Hunters


[edit] Backstory

Weavel was once a powerful Space Pirate General, before he was critically wounded during an altercation between the Space Pirates and Samus Aran in the Pirate basse Brinstar. With just his brain and spinal cord still functional, his only hope for survival was an experimental procedure in which his body was fused with a mobile life support system. With his suit, Weavel regained his mobility and became powerful, deadly, and almost unstoppable. Like many others of the galaxy's most dangerous bounty hunters, Weavel is heading to the Tetra System to search for an ultimate weapon. However, nobody knows if Weavel seeks this object to increase the strength and power of the Space Pirates, or if he wants to betray the Pirates and keep the weapon for himself.

[edit] Biped Usage

Weavel's weapon of choice is called the BattleHammer. It lets him lob bursts of green energy that explode on contact with anything with a fairly big blast radius. The BattleHammer tends to knock people around a bit since it can fire rapidly. Weavel doesn't have much biped proficiency and relies on his alt form a lot. In his biped form, the BattleHammer can be used to disrupt or damage groups of hunters fighting and steal kill in this manner. The Imperialist is a preferred weapon for headshots but other weapons should also be used. The lob of the BattleHammer makes it difficult to use and it is not entirely damaging. It's main bonus is that a well aimed BattleHammer is hard to dodge and makes it hard to aim and can hit alt forms well.

[edit] Half-turret Usage

Weavel's alternative form is called the Half-Turret. This splits Weavel into two pieces. The bottom half of him becomes a stationary turret that will attack anything near it automatically with the Battle Hammer (does not require you to get the Battle Hammer or ammo to use) and will automatically fire back at anyone who hits the Turret despite distance. It will only fire enough shots to return the damage given to it in this case. The top half becomes a crawling player controlled Weavel. In this form, Weavel can jump by slicing through the air with his energy blade (called a Half-Turret Slice). This is typically used to scavenge or double edge someone with the Turret. When Weavel divides into the Turret, his health is split between his top and bottom half. Health gained is also split this way even if the Turret is at its max health of 99. Damage given to the Turret is also split between the top half and the Turret. Weavel excels at melee combat since his Half-Turret lets him take advantage of large numbers leaving people little time to worry about the Turret that's hammering them. It can easily take advantage of other players in confusing fire fights and does the aiming for you which is difficult with three other hunters. It also works well in taking advantage of the weakest link in battles. Deploying the Turret launches Weavel's top half into the air. This can be used to form a form of triple jump. This can be used to get to places in ways other people can't. Weavel's Turret is his greatest weapon but splitting in 1 on 1 will prompt the enemy to follow the top half or severely damage the Turret. Since the Battle Hammer is difficult to use on a single person (the radius only makes it better for crowds) proficiency with other weapons like the Power Beam and Imperialist is needed to effectively use Weavel. The Turret should also fear Sylux since people can coil off it unless you reattach and detach repeatedly. They can also use Lock-Jaw triangles on the Turret dealing high damage to both halves. Flying with Half-Turret: In low gravity stages (Headshot and Weapons Complex) Weavel's Half-Turret can be used to fly.In order to fly, you need to switch into Half-Turret, do a slash as soon as possible, and as the slash lifts you, you should switch back into Biped form. The first two thrusts are the most important. To continue flying, you have to continue to do the technique mentioned above. This technique works best in Headshot, and can be used to get into a Wall Glitch.

[edit] Weavel's Affinity

The BattleHammer, weapon that lobs green energy blasts rapidly. Upon impact, the blasts explode create a small blast radius, the radius can be increased with gravity (making it travel higher). This weapon can cause friendly fire damage.

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