Weapons Complex

Weapons complex a place that has 2 cloaks and also every weapon, there are 3 lvls that I refer to as lowest lvl medium lvl high lvl, the size of this map is large. lowest level- this lvl has a volt driver and 2 UAs, if you go through the doors to the righ and left there is a 60hp heal orb, if you go strait, you come to a platform that leads to the second floor normal level- this area is were most people spawn, once you come in this area through the platform, you will see a shock coil with an UA, head to the left to find a missie pack, head left from there to get to find the battehammer and a dropoff to the 60hp heal orb, now go back to the shock coil and head right, in the alley you will also find a missile pack, go right again to find the the magmaul and another dropoff to the 60hp orb. head back to the last alley , but head straight to encounter a room with the judicator, an UA, and a stealth in a tube, get the judicator if you wish, then turn into alt and go up the tunnel to enter the high lvl. high level- when you come out of the tube, you will see two platforms, one with a 60hp orb or 100hp orb (depending which mode your using), and the imperialist on the other side.

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