Volt Driver

A more powerful version of the power beam that fires electric bursts by converting a planetary magnetic field into kilowatts. The charged version fires a big but slow moving electric charge.

[edit] Volt Driver Information

Body Shot: 14

Headshot: 21

Charged Shot: 56

Charged-Splash: 1-56

Affinity User: Kanden

Affinity Bonus: A slow homing charged shot that causes vision disruption.

[edit] Volt Driver Usage

The Volt Driver is a remarkable weapon that is useful at all times. The Charged shot does a health chopping 56 damage if aimed properly and the uncharged shots can be shot rather fast. The firing rate is equal to that of the power beam. Making a sharpshooter weilding this weapon a very dangerous threat. The Volt Driver is phenomenal for ambushes, and can easily wipe out the opponent in a matter of seconds. Once this weapon is mastered it can obliterate any hunter. Kanden can really put this weapon into effect. Kanden's affinity ability not only shoots a homing charge shot, but a shot that causes the opponents vision to disrupt. While the opponent is blinded, Kanden has the upper hand and can finish off the battle with ease.

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