TraceThe bounty hunter Trace from Metroid Prime: Hunters


[edit] Backstory

Trace is a Kriken, one of the most hated and feared races in the galaxy. When each Kriken reaches a certain age, it is exiled by its clan for a rite of passage. In this ritual, the youth is sent out to find a world suitable for invasion and consumption by the greedy and rapacious Krikens. Young Krikens who return having successfully found a habitat for their people are regaled as heroes, and are assured a life of power, wealth, and prestige. Trace is currently in exile for his rite of passage, which allows him to travel the galaxy looking for planets to expand the Kriken empire. When Trace gets a telepathic call to the Tetra System, he is intrigued. He hopes the abandoned Alimbic Cluster might contain suitable worlds for Kriken invasion. He also seeks the ultimate weapon, because the more power it brings to the Krikens, the more power Trace will receive.

[edit] Biped Usage

Trace uses the Imperialist, a powerful sniper rifle that fires a beam of red energy. When using it, Trace can become semi-transparent. Trace's key advantage is that he has the Imperialist as an affinity weapon and it is easily the best gun in the game where other players will not since they will only have their affinity to use. He has few disadvantages except that other snipers can have at him easily. Make sure that you do not abuse the transparency ability. Most think it makes you completely invisible which it does not. It will make you a bit harder to find if you hide well but if the level is redish you can pull of hiding just about anywhere. The main danger to Trace is getting sniped yourself. Make sure you hide well because you can always get hit yourself.

[edit] Triskelion Usage

His Alternative Form is called the Triskelion and transforms him into a more insect based form. The Triskelion is the fastest alt since it can lunge great distances and through the air at rapid speed. The lunge also serves as a strong attack that does 50 damage. The Trisk can become nearly completely invisible if left still making it great for a stealth attack. This requires you stay still and enemies can see you as you do this. They might act like they don't know where you are and then randomly peg you with a high damage attack; so make sure you hide well. Remember, you are still visible on the radar. The one disadvantage is that the Trisk's lunge is very linear, making it liable to run into traps; but you can alter the direction of the Trisk's travel in mid-air if you just turn quick enough, enabling you to make more tactical, angular attacks. The Trisk lets Trace run away from nearly any fight making him nearly unbeatable at 1 on 1 since he can just dash out of a fight to health.

[edit] Traces Affinity

The sniper rifle of the game, the Imperialist fires a beam of red energy. When zoomed, the Imperialist does twice the damage and is now capable of a one hit kill with a headshot. The Imperialist zooms in further if the crosshair is over an enemy, whether they are behind a wall or not, making it like a second radar. When Trace is holding the Imperialist, he becomes semi-transparent as long as he stays stationary. It isn't a very useful affinity as a well trained eye could easily spot Trace and make rid of him.

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