A Torizo is a robotic\semi robotic copy of a Chozo that usually is found guarding important items such as the bombs upgrade and Screw Attack.

It's attack method is to wait in disguise as a regular Chozo statue until an intruder takes the item its guarding. It will then shut the room and the metal on the statue will begin to peel away revealing the Torizo.

The Torizo only appears in Super Metroid

[edit] Super Metroid

3 different types of Torizo appear in Super Metroid.

The first Torizo that Samus faces is the bomb Torizo located early on in Crateria, guarding the Morph Ball Bombs.

As the bombs are grabbed the hatch "locks", the Torizo revels itself and attacks Samus.

Its attacks consist of a energy wave type attack and throwing bombs that resemble Item balls. These bombs can be shot for Energy and Missile ammo.

After doing significant damage to it (its head and chest explode) the Torizo will "die" and you are free to progress. To do the most possible damage, shoot Torizo in its abdomen; Missiles will cause the most damage here.

[edit] Golden Torizo

The Golden Torizo is the second Torizo and last one that's fought. Its located in Lower Norfair and guards the Screw Attack.

Before the fight, the statue concealing the Torizo will fall from the ceiling and the Torizo will show itself, starting the fight.

This battle is much harder than the battle against the first Torizo, and it's faster as well. The Golden Torizo can side-step standard Missiles to dodge them, it is capable of catching Super Missiles and throwing them back at Samus. However, it can only catch one Super Missile at a time, leaving it briefly vulnerable to damage from Super Missiles.

Generally, it's better to use a fully-charged Plasma Beam to attack this enemy.

Offensively, Golden Torizo's attacks include the energy beam that the first Torizo used, but these waves are much faster and shot more frequently. It also releases small bird like creatures at Samus. They are shot 9 at a time and do slight damage to Samus.

When enough damage is done, the boss will no longer be coloured gold and will be the same brown colour as the bomb Torizo. You must defeat this Torizo to get the Screw Attack, which will be immensely helpful on the road ahead.

[edit] Tourian Torizo

A 3rd type of Torizo appears in the lower, barren section of Tourian. It is not a boss or even alive as it merely appears as a fossilized-looking statue. In the next room there's more enemies that appear in a similar manner. It is shortly realized that the Baby Metroid, now grown to ginormous sizes, had drained these enemies of their life energy.

It is unknown how powerful this Torizo was or why it was even doing in Tourian in the first place. Possibly to experiment whether Metroids can drain energy from semi organic beings as Torizos are certainly half machine.

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