Tallon IV

Tallon IV is a lush wandering planet and the main setting for the first Metroid Prime game. A group of Chozo once made their home here after leaving behind Elysia and their many technologies therein. Fifty years before the arrival of Samus Aran a meteor struck the planet, threatening their way of life. Dangerous quantities of phazon were brought with the meteor's arrival. This harmful substance spread about the planet corrupting everything. The chozo began construction of a temple to contain this outbreak, but many were taken in by the phazon's corruption, leaving only their ghosts behind. Later it is acknowledged that the meteor was a Leviathan. Samus responds to a distress signal she received from Frigate Orpheon and lands to investigate. Her explorations caused the vessel to crash land on Tallon IV, and she escapes in her gunship to land on the planet. Soon she discovers a Space Pirate mining facility for harvesting phazon and sets in to stop them.

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