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A guide to Sylux

Sylux is a flexible and fast character in Metroid Prime: Hunters. His affinity weapon is the Shock Coil, it drains HP and the longer it holds the more damage it does to the opponent. It also has the fastest rate of fire of any weapon in the game.

Reasons for choosing Sylux as main hunter: 1. He has the fastest alt form in the game (Depending on how fast someone can maneuver the Morph Ball 2. Lockjaw is useful for gliding through the air. 3. You do not need to depend on health when low. 4. The Lockjaw can easily kill an opponent. 5. The Shock Coil's ammo depletes slowly.

Alt form use:

The Lockjaw The Lockjaw is the fastest alt forum in the game next to the Morph Ball. It can get you to locations faster and more efficiently by chain bombing across maps.

Trapping Put a lockjaw somewhere where your opponent cannot see it. wait for them to come past and trap them with an instant kill(the damage of the lockjaw depends on the size of it, the smaller it is the more damage it will do) good places to do this:

Combat Hall: - Across the wall next to the magmaul, when some one runs past to the jump pad trap them! - On one side on the top of the jump pad, wait on the other side untill some one goes up, then use it!

Alinos Perch: - Behind the orange doorway next to the magmaul, then when some one goes through it trap them - On one side at the top of the jump pad (the jump pad near the shock coil) then wait on the other side until some one comes up. - Next to the missiles(near the imperialist) then when somewhen comes to get the imperialist, trap them

Council Chamber: - Same as Alinos Perch traps - Across from the volt driver and wait on the ledge above the jump pad there, when some one goes up, trap them (same with the Battlehammer area).

There are many more, they are just examples.

Trip Wire

The trip wire is a basic, yet deadly tactic. You just leave a lockjaw anywhere, and when some sees it they either run through it (losing hp) or they think...ill just jump over it, but whilst they are distracted to the lockjaw you are somewhere else hiding, watching them ready to attack! (use the imperialist zoomed headshot for a 1 hit kill, you know they are going to jump it so be ready to aim in the air!)

Trick Most hunters switch to alt and run away for health, and they get chased by there opponent. so to trick your opponent you could pretend your running, and leave a lockjaw somewhere and wait for them to come by when chasing you. then kill them unexpectadly.

Lockjaw-Jump This is a hard trick to learn, but VERY useful when mastered. The lockjaw makes you jump a bit when you use the 3rd trap, so if you could use that jump + A biped jump you will go lots higher! heres how to do it: set a lockjaw, run towards something in alt, use the 3rd bomb to jump, then very quickly switch to alt and jump. It may not work at first, but practice alot to get it to work.

Gliding Tap the fire button quickly while in alt repeativly to glide through the air, if you can do it fast enough you can even go higher, which is flying. To get a faster firing finger to fly higher/faster play a 100 kill bot match at sanctorus using only uncharged volt driver. use it as fast as you can (take brakes, your finger will hurt ALOT after a while) after doing that a few times, your firing finger will be much faster, which helps gliding,volt driver and powerbeam!

[edit] Biped Use

Use the trip wire all the time, just go into alt, leave a lockjaw and back into biped to attack with weapons. (dont spam Alt...) It just adds an extra amount of damage.


Before entering battle, leave a Lockjaw somewhere where you think your enemy might run when you attack him. Then if he starts running on low hp he will run straight into the lockjaw and hopefully die. :D


For good dodging against weapons, jump into the air and move around, but after a few jumps they will get the hang of your dodging pattern so then stay on the ground, it makes it hard for them to hit you. Switch up your jump pattern often to confuse your opponent.

Dodging a Noxus freeze If Noxus Freezes you, your pretty much done for. so you will need a good tactic to get away from him.

Sylux has a quick in/out of alt form transform, and his alt form is fast. so as soon as a noxus gets near you quickly switch into alt, run around him, then back into biped and attack from behind.

Staying alive When your low on hp, don't start running away! Just start using the shock coil to gain your health back, then switch back to your other weapon.

The Shock Coil Using the Shock Coil can be gamebreaking. Depending on your skill with it, it can either save you, or kill you. Practice using the coil often, and try to never loose your lock. Also, a nice trick to know when coiling someone is to keep your cross hair slightly above their head, so that when they jump, you do not need to move the cross hair up.

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