SyluxThe bounty hunter from Metroid Prime: Hunters


[edit] Backstory

Little is known about the mysterious bounty hunter known as Sylux, other than the fact that Sylux harbors an intense hatred for the Galactic Federation, its republic of planets and, in particular, the bounty hunter who has helped the Federation time and time again -- Samus Aran. Sylux is cold, and ruthlessly efficient. The definition of an expert Bounty Hunter, Sylux is a resourceful tracker and a deadly sharpshooter. After secretly tracking Samus through the galaxy hoping for a surprise confrontation. Once there, Sylux becaomes tempted by the promise of a super weapon, which Sylux could use to destroy Samus Aran and then take on the entire Federation. Sylux's Shock Coil is an experimental Federation weapon that fires high density neutrinos. No one knows how he obtained it but since it seems to be designed to work with his suit, he may have stolen it.

[edit] Biped Usage

Sylux has some biped advantages but not as many as others. Sylux's affinity weapon is of course the Shock Coil. It's one of the weapons that has a low max UA cap but the rate of consumption is excellent. The Shock Coil more or less fires a bolt of lightning that sticks to the enemy body. The longer is sticks, the more damage it will do. If you miss, or the lock is broken then you go back to doing default damage. The Coil also heals Sylux in proportion to how much damage it does. The enemy can break the link by running behind a wall, getting close and jumping, or random and erratic motion. The Coil is best aimed high so that it won't break if the enemy jumps. Unfortunately, the Coil gives no long range ability which is where you'll need other weapons. The Judicator and Imperialist are excellent choices but if you're lacking then try the Power Beam. It might not be much but it will deal some damage. The Shock Coil also tends to have trouble on Alternative Forms. Some will be fast enough to get close to you and do damage and be too far in for the coil to hit. Others will be too fast all together. The Shock Coil is notably ineffective against the Triskelion, it will barely connect to it.

[edit] Lock-jaw Usage

The LockJaw is easily the most complex alt form in the game. It can do high damage if used well amongst other things. Motion wise, the LockJaw has the best motion in the game. It is the third fastest next to the Triskelion (when it is dashing), and Samus's Morph Ball (while boosting) and switch/change directions without any problems at all. The LockJaw functions by dropping remote mines. These mines stay still and don't detonate until touched. If two are close enough to each other, they will form a trip line. If the line is tripped, the bombs get pulled to the enemy and they take damage. The ultimate attack of the LockJaw is the Triangle. If you use your third Bomb and a line to encase an enemy in a triangle they will take immense damage that is near lethal. Triangles can be used offensively which is least effective or as a trap. Placing lines around items or in popular areas and waiting for someone to fall into position for a triangle will usually work best. If an enemy hits a trip line and you are close enough to the line, you can continue dropping bombs that will get chained to the enemy. This will however, temporarily exhaust your bomb supply. The LockJaw can also constantly detonate bombs in air to glide through the air. The constant upward thrust will turn your fall into a slow fall gliding manuever. In a low gravity environment (Head Shot, Weapons Complex, Transfer Lock in CTF) this same technique can be used to fly in space.

[edit] Sylux's Affinity

A moderate range gun that fires high density neutrinos. The Shock Coil reaches a far distance and drains an enemy's health. The longer the Coil stays connected, the faster it will do damage. The Shock Coil has a degree of homing in that it will curve towards enemies unless they move quickly or jump breaking the connection. When you loose your lock, quickly gain it back. To keep your lock consistent when your opponent jumps, keep your cross hair slightly above his head when you are fighting on the ground. Since the coil locks on to your opponent, it will stay locked when they jump!

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