"Our attempts to intercept the Federation ship departing Aether were unsuccessful. With them went a collection of Phazon, the first to fall into Federation hands. They foolishly left most of the Phazon behind, allowing us to quickly collect what we could. But in our haste we took more than just Phazon. Our scanners have detected the remains of Dark Samus, who has revived herself within our Phazon storage.

Surely, we are cursed.

The fiendish shrew consumed all of the Phazon, then wiped out a third of the crew in a matter of minutes. Now she moves at will through the halls of Collosus, using her witchery to beguile the minds of the crew. We are unable to call for aid, and only a few of us remain to stand against her. All is lost."

This entry can be found in Command Station at Command Center on Pirate Homeworld.

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