Stasis Bunker Glitches

Stasis Bunker Wall Glitch 1:
Be Weavel, and go to the room where yhe Battle Hammer and Volt Driver are. Now go to the entrance of the hall that leads to a jump pad, and two UA Ammos. Turn left at the entrance, and there will be a small square wall up a little slope. Walk up that slope, jump, and go into HalfTurret. If done correctly, you will go through the wall.

Stasis Bunker Wall Glitch 2:
Be Weavel again, and take the same path as Wall Glitch 1, but actually go to the jump pad. now, go in the jump pad, but go behind it, and lay your HalfTurret in the right corner. Go on the jump pad, once you get as high as you can, HalfTurret Slice towards the right corner, you will fall, slip under your HalfTurret, and fall to your doom.

Stasis Bunker Wall Glitch 3:
An every hunter glitch! Okay, go to that main room with the Battle Hammer and Volt Driver in it. If you look aroung the room, you see on the wall there are small rectangular pillars connecting the roof and ceiling? Well, one of those wont let you go up to it. So get on the slope, and Missile Push. You will be in that pillar, safe from any harm.

Stasis Bunker Wall Glitch 4:
Okay, this can only be done in Octolith, or Bounty. Go to where the Imperialist is. When your in there, jump on one of the side ledges. Look down behind the Octolith. You will see a wall, but when you get above it, you cant see it. So, Drop down to the floor, while staying as close as you can to the wall. Your in a minor Wall Glitch now!

Stasis Bunker Shadow World 1:
Go in that room with the Battle Hammer and Volt Driver are. Now go on the center jump pad, and jump to the indent in the wall that is above the door that leads to a UA Ammo, and then the Affinity Weapon. Anyway, go in HalfTurret, and go to the very edge, while in the corner. face the wall, and keep moving around. When you see some of the level go black, HalfTurret Slice out of the box to be in the Shadow World.

Stasis Bunker Shadow World 2:
Go get in Wall Glitch 1. When your in, walk around in different places until you see the level go black. Go out of the glitch into the Shadow World.

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