Spore Spawn

Spore Spawn is a giant Mollusk-like plant and the first mini boss that's encountered in Super Metroid. Genetically engineered by the Space Pirates, it is found in Brinstar and guards the route to the first Super Missile expansion, unless sequence-breaking was utilized.

Spore Spawn has only appeared in Super Metroid, although similar enemies have appeared in the franchise such as the Puddle Spore in Metroid Prime.

[edit] Super Metroid

Spore Spawn is located in Brinstar and is the second Mini-Boss of the game. It is located in an upper right section of Brinstar and is guarded by numerous amounts of Kihunters.

Its a rather simple boss fight in which it swings about wildly while launching small spores. These spores can be destroyed but the spore launchers cannot.

With every bit of damage it takes it begins to swing more and more erratically and starts to turn a brownish colour, getting darker and darker with every hit until it dies. When it dies, the dead plant can be stood on for extra elevation.

It can only be damaged when its "mouth" is open.

[edit] Tips

·If you Morph Ball into the very corner of either side of the room, the plant cannot hit you. The spores on the other hand can damage you though.

·The Charge Beam can be obtained in a few rooms before the battle as a charged power beam shot can damage the plant. Regular shots cannot.

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