SpireThe bounty hunter Spire from Metroid Prime: Hunters


[edit] Backstory

Spire is the sole remaining Diamont, the last member of an ancient silicone-based race whose bodies are composed of organic rock. Spire’s life as a Bounty Hunter takes him from one end of the galaxy to the other, while he continually searches for some information on the location, or fate, of the rest of his people. When he receives a message from Alimbic Cluster, he races to that system with the hope of finding the Alimbics’ source of ultimate power, and solving the mystery of their lost race, will help him solve the mystery of his own.

[edit] Biped Usage

Spire has one of the worst biped forms. His body is large, his head is fairly big, and he is extremely slow. The poor guy would be great if he was a little faster. You have to compensate for his speed. Stealth with Dialanche Wall Climbing helps, but the Magmaul is where you'll need proficiency. The Magmaul is a superb gun. It fires magma chunks that bounce off the ground and off walls. It can be used to get people out of tunnels, nuke alt form abusers, and do some serious damage. To use the Magmaul well with Spire, you shouldn't jump much. The thought of the Magmaul will keep enemies jumping. Use this to your advantage and aim ahead so that the shot will hit them when they land. You'll get plenty of damage up until they go to their alt. This part requires aim, you need to charge and lob the shot at the alt. If it makes direct contact, the shot will light the person on fire and burn them. Hopefully this will kill them before they get anywhere.

[edit] Dialanche Usage

The Dialanche is an interesting alt form. It has the ability to climb walls but doing it quickly takes practice. It is slow but wall climbing helps it do unexpected things such as flank and get to hard to reach places. The Dialanche has a decent attack. At a close range, this spin attack can do up to 64 damage a hit and each hit is rapid. It require high contact but can hurt. Unfortunately the Dialanche is slow making it unreliable. It is a good alt for tall levels but otherwise it should be used sparingly.

[edit] Affinity Weapon

The Magmaul is a launcher that lobs chunks of highly heated magma. The magma chunks remain on the ground for a moment once fired and can be bounced off walls. These chunks are heavy so they fall quickly. The charged version fires a magma blast that explodes into a burst of fire after hitting the ground. Affinity User: Spire. Affinity Bonus: The charged shot lights people on fire which constantly drains their health for a short period of time. While they burn, pummel them with more Magmual shots, Volt Driver shots, or anything that you are accurate with. A technique called the Spire Suicide Rush can quickly drain your opponents health. To perform this technique, hit your opponent with a charged Magmaul, thus lighting them on fire. Then, whip out your shock coil and get a solid lock on them. With quickly health depleting Shock Coil sucking your opponent's health away, and the Magmual burn, your opponent is toast. The Spire Suicide Rush is credited to Omega Hunter 24.

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