Sky Puffer

[edit] Overview

The Sky Puffer is a member of the Puffer family, native to the planet of Elysia. Feeding off gasses in the atmosphere, the creatures feel a natural attraction to the city of SkyTown due to the spreading Phazon corruption there. Not being a creation of the Chozo, Sky Puffers are one of the few natural creatures that can call themselves true Elysians. When shot, the creature explodes and creates an expulsion of gas. The Sky Puffer looks a like a small orange sphere with short spikes over it's shell. Due to it's diet, it has the ability to float in the air.

[edit] Logbook Entry

"The external shell of the Sky Puffer is incredibly fragile, susceptible to most small-arms fire. Only a few shots from basic weapons can damage it. Sky Puffers are native to the planet Elysia. They feed on the various noxious gasses in the atmosphere. They are especially fond of Phazon gas."

[edit] Appearances

The Sky Puffer appears in the following games:

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