Sic Transit Glitches

Sic Transit Wall Glitch 1:
Go to the Hallway with the Shock Coil in it, then hunt through that hall for a UA Ammo. There will be a room behind this UA Ammo, so go there, and look in the right corner. Continually jump in that corner at an angle, and you will be in the glitch.

Sic Transit Wall Glitch 2:
Be Weavel and go to the opposite side of the hall from the Wall Glitch 1 location, and jump towards the top of the pillar. Once you jump up there, go in HalfTurret, and your in.

Sic Transit Wall Glitch 3:
Go to the Wall Glitch 2 entrance, and jump on the side of the pillar, not the top. Anyway, Once you appear to be floating, Missile Push, and you will go through the wall, or you will glitch into the pillar.

Sic Transit Wall Glitch 4:
Go to the Cloak room, and go up the jump pad. Now, your in the yellow box room. Look on the right ledge on the window, and jump on it. Face the wall, move forward, and jump. You'll go through the wall.

Sic Transit Wall Glitch 5
Get in the Barrier Break Glitch. Once there, you will see that the top of the three poles by the Imperialist have no roof, so jump over there, Missile Jump, HalfTurret Slice, anything that will get you to the top of that pole. You will fall staright down the pole, and be at normal ground now. Except you are in the pole.

Sic Transit Shadow World 1:
Follow the same paths as Wall Glitches 2-3, and when you are in Wall Glitch 2, walk behind the see-through door, and you'll be in the Shadow World.

Sic Transit Shadow World 2:
Get in Wall Glitch 4. Once you are in, turn left, and walk. You'll be in the Shadow World.

Sic Transit Barrier Break:
Be Weavel, go to the Double Damage, and go to the top of the ramp. Walk at an angle from here. You will be walking on an invisible walk-way, now get under the sniping nest, and jump up there. Now walk up the right way, and once there, walk at an angle, go in HalfTurret, and HalfTurret Slice to the other side of the wall. Now right when you get to the other side, come back to BiPed, and walk down the thin passage, and turn left. Walk up that bigger passage, and you will come up to a ledge that you can see as snow, but you will fall through. So, you walk off that, and jump to the platform. Do a HalfTurret Jump if neccesary. You are now on top of the level.

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