Sic Transit

Sic Transit: Scans: Trace, Noxus, key(if not done) damaged bridge, noxus' alt, voldrum, orange blast shield, proxy locks 1-6, traces alt(on way out), sealed door, purple blast shield, alimbic turret v1.0, alimbic emblem.

Ok for all you 1st timers here, you will automatically get in a fight when you go through the door with noxus and trace, attack trace so you won't keep getting imp'd, then go for noxus, try to keep at distance from his judicator or hell freeze you. Once noxus retreats, the shields will go down, then go check for the proxy locks, 3 located on the bridge, 1 near the orange blast shield, 1 near the turret, and the last near wear the cloak should be. Then the door under the bridge should unlock, go in it to get an artifact. Go farther in to find an energy tank, then head right when out of the room to the door on the ledge to head through

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