Shock Coil


The Shock Coil is the affinity weapon of the rogue bounty hunter Sylux. Based on stolen Galactic Federation technology, the Shock Coil fires a continuous beam of high density neutrinos (which in actuality would do nothing) that have a tendency to home in on near by enemies. This makes the weapon very efficient, especially if you are Sylux, because the longer you maintain a hit count, the stronger the drain gets, and the more health you are returned.

[edit] Statistics

The Shock Coil doesn't technically have damage per shot, but damage per second. The Shock Coil's damage speed may increase after seconds of landed hits.

[edit] Instructional Guide

Many people find the shock coil to be cheap, and unfair, but if you know how to avoid it, it isn't so much of a problem.

Using the Shock Coil

The Shock Coil is commonly used with Sylux as it offers the extra bonus of a health boost if used efficiently and can get the player out of a life or death situation. Regardless of your choice of hunter the Shock Coil can be a useful weapon. When using this weapon, make sure to start out close and get a good lock on your enemy while avoiding as much fire as possible. Jump around to do this make sure to keep out of direct view of your enemy and jump about to disrupt them.

Evading the Shock Coil

The coil is a very annoying weapon to counter if you do not have one yourself and you do not know how to evade it. Evading the coil is very simple. If you know that your enemy will be able to get a full lock on you, and you have no cover to break their lock, just run away in your Alternate Form. However, on maps like Sanctorus and Processor Core, there is a lot of cover to hide behind, and you can simply move beyond barriers to get health. Occasionally pop out and peg your enemy with accurate and continuous Power Beam shots and Missiles.

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