Sector Zero

[edit] Overall

Sector Zero is the sector in Metroid: Other M in which Metroid (organism)s are said to reside. A new AI program of Mother Brain is also said to lurk there. However, this was a lie and Adam Malkovich gave his life for it. It is unknown, however, if there were Metroids in Sector Zero, but Adam went in and caused sufficient damage to the core of it and it initiated a self-destruct sequence, killing himself in the act. It is unknown what Adam experienced in Sector Zero, but whatever it was, he gave up his life for it. Samus Aran witnessed this sad happening, and because she had lost her father from Ridley, she looked upon Adam as her father figure, so when he died, it was hard on her. Adam did this for the Galactic Federation, and left it up to the rest of Platoon 7 to find and rescue any survivors on the Bottle Ship. Samus Aran, however, was assigned the task of defeating Ridley, whom she has held a grudge on ever since she witnessed him kill her parents.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Metroid: Other M

Metroid: Other M is the only game in which Sector Zero appeared, and is where Adam Malkovich gave up his life to destroy it. Samus Aran and Platoon 7 of the Galactic Federation were assigned to find, and rescue any survivors that might be on the Bottle Ship. However, Samus was given the special task of defeating Ridley

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