Best Hunters:- Weavel and Sylux (Please note that it comes down to whether you have mastered your character or not, but those two are the best in terms of map control.

Items:- Missiles, Volt Driver,Double Damage, and affinity.

Size:- Small

[edit] Map Details

Sanctorus Map Guide: Metroid Prime: Hunters. When you spawn, you will end up near one of two healths. One health is over by the double damage, and the other is by the opposite wall. Grab whichever health you are closest too, and the other if your opponent did not grab it. Then go get the Volt Driver on the top level the top of the map. (Note to come out from the upper level differently each time). Now begin your fight. If you are Sylux, put a tripwire on one of the healths, your opponent will not get it. If they do go for a health, switch to the Volt Driver and unleash hell on them. Once your opponent has been killed, keep getting all of the healths so that they can not get them and kill them. If you gain control of the map, the chance of you winning the match skyrockets.

Tip: When using Sylux, you can bomb up the slanted portions of the pillars to get to the DD and health spawns quicker.

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