Samus Aran

Samus Aran
Samus MetroidSamusReturns.png

Samus Aran as she appears in Metroid: Samus Returns
Species Human; was infused with Chozo DNA as a child, later with Metroid DNA as an adult
Gender Female
Age Unknown; appears to be in mid-20's to early-30's
Height 1.90m (6'3") according to the Metroid II instruction booklet and Super Metroid strategy guide
Weight 90kg (198lbs, 6oz) according to the Metroid II instruction booklet and Super Metroid strategy guide.
Homeworld Presumably born on Earth colony K-2L, raised on Zebes
First Appearance Metroid
Most Recent Appearance Metroid: Samus Returns

Samus Aran is a interstellar bounty hunter and the main protagonist of the Metroid series.


[edit] Background

Samus Aran is the legendary bounty hunter who is well-known for defeating the Space Pirates and wiping out the dangerous Metroids. Though she was at first rumored to be a male cyborg, Samus revealed her true identity after she defeated the Space Pirates on Zebes. Samus is often considered to be the "First Lady of Gaming". Her reputation grew as her reliability almost always guaranteed success in her hired jobs.

Samus was the daughter of two colonists on the Federation colony world K-2L. When she was quite young, the species known only as the Space Pirates destroyed the colony, leaving Samus as the sole survivor. A group of Chozo picked up the distress signal from the colony, and took Samus with them to their home on planet Zebes. They raised her as their own, infusing her with their blood for her to gain their natural powers. In Metroid: Zero Mission, Samus has flashbacks to her childhood with the Chozo when she sees a mural depicting a Chozo warrior, and also as a sequence of pictures in a connectivity bonus between Metroid Fusion and Metroid: Zero Mission. How and why Samus eventually left Zebes is a bit of a mystery.

According to the Metroid Prime instruction manual, the Space Pirates attacked Zebes and wiped out most of the local Chozo after discovering the Metroids. However, it goes on to say Samus was growing up at the time; this clashes with the plot of Metroid: Zero Mission, which says that Samus grew up on the very same planet. Samus is rarely seen without her Chozo-designed Power Suit.

In addition to providing protection, the suit augments her physical abilities, allowing her to leap great distances or scale vertical cliffs. The suit is also modular, able to equip many different upgrades to increase versatility. The suit mutated in response to Samus' biological integration of Metroid DNA in Metroid Fusion. The suit lost its metallic appearance and assumed a more organic appearance and even appears to breathe. The DNA caused a side effect making it vulnerable to cold like a common Metroid and also unable to use the Ice Beam. By integrating the SA-X Parasite, Samus regained her natural red and yellow color scheme and the ability to use her Ice Beam.

Samus' fate is currently unknown. Having destroyed a Federation Satelite without permission, she may be wanted for questioning. Though her actions were not authorized, they saved the galaxy from the X-Parasites that the Federation foolishly sought to control.

[edit] Biped Usage

Samus Aran is an excellent Hunter when used in the right hands. She starts out with Missiles, which happen to be her affinity weapon, and can get them back quite easily. They charge up to extra damage and home in on your opponent. Missiles travel fast, making them hard to dodge, and they cause splash damage. Samus' Biped form is much simpler than most Hunters, relying on default weapons. She's also the only character in Story Mode, which gives anyone a chance to get good at her layout and controls, whereas other Hunters must be trained with.

[edit] Morphball Usage

The Morph Ball is among the fastest alt forms in the game. It has decent direction control, average power, and adequate speed. Overall, it's average and can do so some damage but has set backs as well. The main source of damage from the Morph Ball is a Boost Bomb combo. It's a simple attack in which you boost into an opponent and then drop bombs while the boost launches you up. This will deal some decent damage and you can do it over and over. Morph Ball Bombs also can be used to cover up tracks to escape and it has among the easiest time to get through tunnels. The draw back is that the Morph Ball is very linear and can get attacked while attacking. Sylux users can dominate the Morph Ball with the LockJaw with triplines. Kanden can blast it with Volt Driver shots if the user is good enough. Any hunter can abuse the Magmaul to land hits and Weavel can use the Half-Turret in a narrow area where your moves are predictable.

[edit] Samus's Affinity

Samus's Affinity are Missles, which all characters can use. But when Samus uses the Missles, they home in. The charged Missles home much more than uncharged; uncharged Missles' homing is barely noticeable. There is a neat trick that you can practice with the homing missiles. When an opponent is taking cover behind a wall, you can angle them to home in around the wall thus hitting your opponent. Try it on Combat Hall. Angle your crosshair slightly away from the wall, and experiment with it.

[edit] Samus's Well Known Weapons

Samus is most well known for her Power Beam and Missles, but she is also very much known for her Morph Ball ability that almost no one else is able to do. Her Morph Ball bombs also come with the same respect as her Morph ball ability.

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