SM Upgrades

Bombs-Purpose: Allows Samus to lay a bomb when morphed into a ball

Charge Beam-Purpose: Allows Samus to charge her beam, making it stronger.

Energy Tanks-Purpose: Allows Samus to hold another 100 energy.

Grappling Beam-Purpose: Allows Samus to grapple on to certain things, allowing her to swing. Also kill some enemies and opens blue doors

Gravity Suit-Purpose: Allows Samus to move freely underwater and through lava in some places.

Hi-jump Boots-Purpose: Allows Samus to jump higher.

Ice Beam-Purpose: Allows Samus to shoot a beam of ice. Also freezes enemies.

Missiles-Purpose: A weapon and used for opening pink doors.

Morphing Ball-Purpose: Allows Samus to roll into a ball to get in small passages.

Plasma Beam-Purpose: Splits Samus' beam in two beams, making it stronger. Cannot be used with Spazer. Also it is the more powerful than Spazer.

Power Bombs-Purpose: A weapon stronger then bombs and used for opening orange doors.

Reserve Tanks-Purpose: Allows Samus to refill one energy tank or 100 more energy.

Screw Attack-Purpose: Allows Samus to break through certain places and kill enemies while using Spin Jump.

Space Jump-Purpose: Allows Samus to jump up at any distance while Spin Jumping. Keep pressing the jump button while somersaulting in mid-air.

Spazer-Purpose: Splits Samus' beam into three beams, making it stronger.

Speed Booster-Purpose: Allows Samus to run at high speeds.

Spring Ball-Purpose: Allows Samus to jump while in ball mode.

Super Missiles-Purpose: A weapon that is stronger than missiles and used for opening green doors.

Varia Suit-Purpose: Protects Samus from extremely high temperature.

X-Ray Scope-Purpose: Allows Samus to see hidden passages.

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