SM Creatures


[edit] Archanus

A local inhabitant of SR-388. This creature attacks Samus by shooting acid at her, and when he feels threatened he turns into a small ball, to become invulnerable. He can also jump in his ball form and after you have beaten this creature Samus also learns the ability to jump in ball form.

[edit] Autoad

This jumping toad like creature isn't a natural creature. It was created by an ancient civilization and is programmed to stop intruders.

[edit] Autom

Another defense mechanism created by an ancient civilization, this creature is indestructible, and only flies horizontally from left to right and back, when an intruder comes near this creature activates a flamethrower to burn everything that opposes.

[edit] Autrack

Autrack a highly advanced technological defense mechanism, it usually lays still near the floor but when an Intruder comes in range this creature will act like a drone gun, and attacks the intruder with a deadly plasma beam.

[edit] Blob Thrower

Yet another mechanical creature created by a long gone civilization, this creature simply rises up and fires small spores toward the enemy, not a real threat for Samus.

[edit] Chute Leech

A leaf like creature, this creature jumps up when threatened and then falls back down in a wave like pattern, just like a leaf falls from a tree. Not very much of a opponent though

[edit] Drivel

A gigantic bat, who likes to live in dark places. It attacks Samus by diving towards it when she comes near, when it doesn't feel threatened this creature just hangs still in the sky.

[edit] Flitt

a very strange creature which can be used as a platform, it doesn't attack Samus at all but in does disappear sometimes even when Samus is up on this creature. When he does and Samus stands on it you'll fall down, like there never was a platform.

[edit] Gawron

This creature hovers around a bit but won't be much of a threat even though the sharp spikes on his belly might be nasty in times.

[edit] Glowfly

This creature lives in the caverns deep under SR-388 surface, it usually sticks on the wall and uses good stealth tactics, but the flashing tip on his tail often betrays this creatures location. They jump from one all to another when someone comes near.

[edit] Gravitt

A very annoying creature which often hides in floors. They only come out when someone gets near them, they'll rise and walk towards their enemy to sting it with the sharp spikes on his head

[edit] Gullugg

A creature which only flies in circles but can still be very annoying since he prefers to fly near walls, floors and ceilings. Easily destroyed but sometimes best to be avoided.

[edit] Gunzoo

Another Mechanical defense mechanism created by an ancient civilization these creature have four guns on their belly to attack any intruder. The hard plating of these creatures makes them invulnerable to Samus's weapons.

[edit] Halzyn

A strange creature which has razor sharp blades on both sides they can only be destroyed from either above or below. They hover around on a slow rate but when someone comes near they'll increase speed and they'll try to decapitate their enemy.

[edit] Hellfish

Avery strange kind of fish, he lives on dry land but instead of swimming they'll drop their selves from the ceiling in the caverns of SR-388.

[edit] Hornroad

This creature is a native of SR388, easily destroyed but pretty nasty. He jumps around like crazy

[edit] Meboid

a very strange creature much like the Flitt only much smaller also this creature can be used as a platform, it doesn't attack Samus at all but in does disappear sometimes even when Samus is up on this creature. When he does and Samus stands on it you'll fall down, like there never was a platform.

[edit] Metroid

The original version of the evolutions of metroids, this metroid is similar to the Metroids in the original. They must be frozen first then you must fire five missiles to destroy them. These creatures attack by clamping on Samus and then they'll drain your energy. If they do so turn into a ball and place several bombs that way they'll release you.

[edit] Moheek

A strange creature which crawls on the walls and floors, the hairs on the back contain a dangerous poison. Never the less these creatures are easy to destroy

[edit] Moto

A small rhino like creature. they move very slow but can do a dash attack when an intruder comes near. The hard shell plating on their head makes them invulnerable from the front and thus can only be destroyed when you attack them from behind.

[edit] Mumbo

a small creature which hovers horizontally. They don't from a threat and are very easy to destroy with any beam.

[edit] Needler

A strange ball like creature with spikes all over his body. They crawl over small platforms but are also easy to destroy.

[edit] Octroll

A strange looking creature. his creatures jumps up from platforms and slowly falls back down, even though to their huge size they aren't all that hard to defeat

[edit] Pincherfly

A small flying creature which attack in large groups, when Samus comes near then they dive towards her.

[edit] Wallfire

Yet again a mechanical defense turret. These creatures shoot powerful plasma balls towards Samus but can easily be destroyed with a single beam shot, the destroyed casing can be used as a step.

[edit] Yumbo

Another small creature this creature attacks from pipes or hovers around a bit, they are rather easy to destroy.

[edit] Yumee

Yet again a creature which attacks from pipes or hovers around. They are much tougher then their weak cousins the Yumbo. These creatures also move much faster.

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