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Ridley as seen in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Species Unknown
Gender Male
First Appearance Metroid
Most Recent Appearance Metroid Blast

Ridley is one of Metroids most memorable and rececognisable villains, as well as Samus' arch nemesis. He is the recurring antagonist of the series, and appears in all Metroid games bar three: Metroid II: Return of Samus, Metroid Prime Hunters and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. He is hated by Samus after having murdered her parents in the manga of Metroid, and Ridley seems to hate her too after his many defeats at her hands, confronting her on several occasions though bested each time.

Despite looking fearsome and beastly, Ridley is actually an extremely intelligent lifeform, able to speak and even able to construct a robotic replica of himself. He has superior battle skills, able to fly, launch fireballs, and in his Meta forms, capable of launching homing Missiles and using a mouth-generated flamethrower. In his Omega form, he most likely is stronger than he has ever been or will be, Phazon corruption giving him extremely improved abilitied and attacks. When he was an X-Parasite copy of himself, the parasite had all of Ridley's abilities, strengthened and augmented by the parasite.


[edit] Affiliation

Ridley is allied with the Space Pirates as a commander, in such a high status as to appear on the golden statue in Metroid and Super Metroid, and is possibly in the Space Pirate High Command group. As well as this he apparently takes orders from Mother Brain. In Metroid: Other M, he revolts against the scientists and escapes his cage moments before MB too revolted, letting her Mother Brain maliciousness fully take control. This implies the two beings have some kind of connection.

When Dark Samus took control over one of the Space Pirate Homeworld's with a Leviathan's Phazon, Ridley fell under her command, though whether he was brainwashed like the other Pirates or contained free-will but served Dark Samus anyway is unknown.

[edit] Survival

Ridley has been shown to survive almost anything through his regenerative capabilities. In the manga, Ridley was able to devour the flesh of other beings, like humans, in order to regenerate himself. The original Ridley in Metroid was defeated by Samus and was retrieved from the surface of Zebes by the Space Pirates before being rebuilt as Meta Ridley aboard the Frigate Orpheon. When Meta Ridley was defeated upon Tallon IV and fell from the Artifact Temple, he somehow survived and was again retrieved by the Space Pirates. After Dark Samus took control of a faction of the Pirates with Phazon, Meta Ridley was energised with it and fully healed. Though he was defeated again however upon Norion and fell down the generator shaft. He was retrieved once more and taken back to the Pirate Homeworld, where he became the Leviathan's [Core Guardian]] and regenerated himself once more using Phazon. He was defeated once more by Samus, and was seen to have Phazon energy explode out of him, most likely escaping while Samus was distracted by the blast and the furthered Phazon corruption to her afterwards. He then would've revived his body with Phazon, and ending up with a fully organic body, back to his usual Ridley form, after Phaaze was destroyed and Phazon erased from existence.

Upon planet Zebes, he was once again defeated and was for the first time completely destroyed, disintegrating to ashes above Samus. Unfortunately for Samus however, Ridley was accidently cloned by the Galactic Federation from the ashes on her suit.

He was brought to life in a 'larval' state, a rabbit-like creature with reptilian legs, known as Little Birdy. It fed on the wildlife and vegetation within the Bottle Ship until it split open like a cocoon and a more Ridley-like, reptilian monster came out of its back, attacking Samus and the Galactic Federation Troopers once it had grown in size. After it was repulsed, it eventually split open again and a Ridley like the one from Metroid and Super Metroid came forth, but was defeated by Samus, and fled. He was then killed by a Queen Metroid in the facility, which drained him of his life force in true Metroid: Metroid(organism) fashion.

Finally, Ridley's mummified body was moved to the B.S.L., and was infected by an X-Parasite, which soon after morphed into Ridley-X, and was for the final time so far in Samus' timeline, destroyed.

[edit] Appearances

Ridley and his various forms have appeared in the following games, by release order:

[edit] Metroid

Metroid is the first game in which Ridley appeared. He was one of the guards for Mother Brain alongside Kraid. In this first appearance he is much smaller, roughly the same size as Samus, and cannot fly, only jump up and down while launching fireballs at her.

[edit] Super Metroid

Ridley appeared for the second time in Super Metroid, and is the last time chronologically in the series that the original Ridley-line appears. He was illustrated more in this game, appearing more like a lizard, and much more detailed due to the systems graphics being improved from the NES. Ridley could also fly now, and is tasked by the Space Pirates to capture the Baby Metroid, and destroys an entire space station along with its crew to find it. After defeating him on Zebes in his lair within Norfair, you gain access to Tourian.

[edit] Metroid Fusion

Ridley appeared for a third time in Metroid Fusion, and is the last time chronologically in the series that Ridley appears. After an X-Parasite infected Ridley's mummified body and cloned him, a new form of Ridley, Ridley-X, was born. His defeat gives Samus the Screw Attack upgrade.

[edit] Metroid Prime

In Metroid Prime, Ridley appeared in his Meta Ridley form. Samus Aran sees him break from his restraints before retreating to Tallon IV, leading Samus there. He is later seen flying over Phendrana Drifts. Eventually Samus arrives at the Artifact Temple, where he arrives and destroys several Chozo Statues. Samus then faces her foe and beats him, the remaining Statues blasting Ridley off a cliff to the long drop below. His defeat allows entry into the Impact Crater.

[edit] Metroid: Zero Mission

Ridley appeared in Metroid: Zero Mission in a role mainly the same as in the original Metroid. He was a guardian for Mother Brain, along with Kraid. He appeared in his original form in this game, though the size difference shown in Metroid is not present.

[edit] Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

While Ridley did not canonically appear within the game, he was to be included most likely as a Dark Temple Guardian, and concept art of an Ing-possessed Dark Ridley was created by Echoes' artists. He was cut out of the game due to time-constraints.

[edit] Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is another game in which Ridley appears. He appears as Meta Ridley yet again, though with a blueish tint to his body, most likely from the effects of Phazon. Samus is ambushed by him in Generator 3, though he accidently crashes them both through the floor. They battle whilst falling down the generator shaft, Ridley's fighting abilities hindered by the environment meaning Samus is able to defeat him even with her current week weaponry. Rundas then saves her, leaving Ridley to fall.

He then was most likely brought back by the Space Pirates to the Pirate Homeworld, where he became the Leviathan Core Guardian, known as Omega Ridley. He becomes extremely corrupted by Phazon from this, becoming Ridley's most dangerous form, and seemingly more animalistic. Whether he retains intelligence or not after the Phazon corruption is unknown. After his defeat, he steps backwards and 'shrinks in', folding his wings on himself before expelling an explosion of Phazon into Samus. What happened to Ridley to let him survive this then escape is unknown, however it is most likely possible that he used his regenerative capabilities to regress back to his larval stage seen in Other M. A small hole in found on the floor where Ridley was last seen, the perfect size for him to escape before growing back to the 'pure' Ridley in Super Metroid.. From his defeat, Samus gets the Hyper Lasso.

[edit] Metroid: Other M

Metroid: Other M is the final game in which Ridley appears in the series by order of release. He is a clone of Ridley in this game, and shows the lifecycle of Ridley's 'species', going from a strange rabbit-like organism coined Little Birdie to a large lizard, then finally to the usual Ridley form. It could be possible that the usual Ridley form is not even his final stage in evolution. Samus and Ridley engage in battle within Sector 3: Sector 3(Bottle Ship) and Ridley is badly damaged, though shows his ability to survive by making one last attempt on Samus' life before retreating. He is then finished off by the Metroid Queen, who (or her offspring) drains his life force, leaving him a mummified corpse.

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