Reptilicus Hunter

[edit] Overview

Reptilicus Hunters are a step above the more common Reptilicus because of their exposure and hence corruption to the substance Phazon. Not sharing the ability to warp and not having spikes on their backs, Reptilicus Hunters are far bulkier and stronger looking than their counterparts. What they do have, however, is the special ability to turn invisible. In this mode, they can only been seen via the use of the X-Ray Visor. Often commanding Warp Hounds to fight alongside them and showing a basic level of intelligence and ability to wage war, the Reptilicus Hunter is a creature to be feared on Bryyo as they launch ambushes on an unsuspecting Samus.

[edit] Logbook Entry

"Phazon corruption has granted Reptilicus Hunters the ability of cloaking themselves. They use this to their advantage and will hide or move positions while cloaked to gain the upper hand in combat. Reptilicus Hunters are fairly organized despite their primitive nature. Usually attacking in small groups, they patiently wait for their prey to become isolated in a locked area before attacking. Their weaponry consists of an energy whip for close-range assaults and a throwing chakram for long-ranged attacks. They have adapted to the harsh climates of Bryyo, and are quite resistant to Fuel Gel and heat-based attacks."

[edit] Appearances

The Reptilicus Hunter appears in the following games:

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