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The Reptilicus is one of the toughest creatures to live on Bryyo. They have six limbs all up and also the ability to stand on the back two, using the top four like regular arms. The Reptilicus is a weaker form of the Reptilicus Hunter, a creature often seen accompanied by Warp Hounds. Distinguishing features being that the weaker type are of darker colouring and have spikes across their back. Due to mutation, these creatures have the interesting ability to teleport over short distances, allowing for an element of surprise and quick-paced attacks.

Along with a basic claw swipe they can also produce and use an electrical whip, a boomerang called a Chakram and projectile shots of energy. Combining their ability to teleport, utilise numerous forms of offence and their prowess for running, the Reptilicus is a force to be reckoned with.

Having a natural affinity with the harsh climates of Bryyo and specifically Fuel Gel, the creatures are weak to the cold. As such, ice missiles are the best way for dealing with them. There's also an amusing game feature where if you hit one with an ice missile after it's thrown the chakram, the chakram will return like a normal boomerang and smash the Reptilicus to pieces earning Samus a Friend Voucher for her trouble.

Reptilicus are the Bryyonian race of old. They are few and far between, a dying race due to their feuds as is discovered through reading the Lore across Bryyo. Traveling around the planet, the player will run into statues of their leaders past and armour they used to wear, arguably for warring reasons. The use of Warp Hounds as hunting partners is also said to date back to the past wars. Now, however, they are ghosts of their former selves due to Phazon mutation.

[edit] Logbook Entry

"Scans indicate a mutation that allows the Reptilicus to teleport over short distances. Commonly used as a combat tactic to corner and trap their prey. The Reptilicus appears to suffer from Phazon corruption, and all higher thought processes have been replaced by savage bloodlust. This corruption has also increased their resistance to heat-based attacks and Fuel Gel."

[edit] Appearances

The Reptilicus appears in the following games:

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