RB176 Ferrocrusher

The RB176 Ferrocrusher is an industrial machine, most likely used by the Galactic Federation for movement of cargo, as seen from the area it is fought in.

[edit] The Deleter

After Samus Aran first meets MB, The Deleter, a Galactic Federation assassin sent to silence those who know of the Bottle Ship, takes control of the Ferrocrusher. He has it fling several crates at the pair in an attempt to kill them, before engaging Samus one-on-one. The battle itself uses the machine's industrial tools like buzzsaws as its attacks. Samus is able to first freeze the Ferrocrusher's arms then break them off with missiles, before freezing its treads in order to attack the engine which is at that point revealed on top of it.

After Samus Overblasts or uses a missile on the engine, the machine is seemingly shut down, only to go into a frenzy and crashing into the wall of crates. During this time, The Deleter escapes.

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