Processor Core

Best Hunters: Noxus, Sylux, Trace, Spire

Items: Deathalt, Double Damage, Magmaul, Judicator, Affinity

Map Size: Small

[edit] Map Details

Processor Core Spire is one of the best hunters on Processor Core, due to his ability to set opponents on fire, combined with the Double damage makes him a much larger threat. Weavel is also another good choice because he has an advantage on most small maps. [Thanks Supa Smurf for that info] Right well as most of you know this level is one of the smallest maps on the game, this can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage, through my time in Metroid has past i have found that the best "Hunter" to use for this is "Noxus", my reasons for this is because of his Alt form the "Vhoscythe" i find this Alt to come in handy for this level, because of the small arena space, this makes the Vhoscythe a very deadly tool which is not to be reckoned with, i have a strategy i use called the "puncture" technique, to do this, try to force your opponent to get in close with you, or just simply get close to him yourself, go into your alt Phase and knock him once, normally the hit should through him back a few paces, while this happens the enemy user fights for control rather then shooting back giving you prime opportunity to through some easy blows, once he is knocked back, go into biped form and hit him hard with a couple or more missiles, once he retaliates, retreat to safety and find health before returning for another try. Remember, your enemy is human and will learn, so stay focused, he will adapt so you wont be able to make the same hit again (if hes smart), this is the time when you use your "judicator" and use a common technique, i call this technique "Suprise" and no I'm not talking about rape, this is where you use your Afninity weapon, with Noxus, you can use his affinity to bounce bullets round corners, since Processor Core is a CQB level this comes in very handy, simply use the weapon to bounce around corners to hit your opponent, this will make it difficult for your enemy to flee and dodge at the same time, make sure to strafe his attacks while bouncing and don't worry about accuracy, bouncing the bullets in his direction will result in an almost definite hit, keep this up until he is dead, once he is dead, take the time opportunity to grab some health or stock up on missiles. Health, weapons and control of the map are all equally important, you must dominate the room using every slight advantage thrown your way, make it so your enemy cant get health or ammo, by getting it before him, even if you don't need it, this makes it so your enemy is left with nothing but what little life he has next, also their is something in this level not many realize, yes you guessed it, "death alt" this horrible little weapon makes every contact with the enemy a fatal blow, it is located in the upper tunnel of the chamber, make sure you have it before he does, if you don't get it first don't worry just make your way to the upper middle ledge, this will make it harder for your enemy to get to you, if he manages to get to you, simply jump over to the ledge on the left hand or right hand side of the ledge, repeat until the he runs out of power. (Please note that there is a death alt present on the upper level of the map during a four player match)

[edit] Map Guide

Processor Core in my opinion is one of the most fun maps in the game. That is, if you know how to play it. There are two levels on this map. A bottom, and a top. In the center of the bottom floor, there is a yellow health orb. This is where most of the battling will take place. There are two side corridors beside the yellow orb with two weapons pick-ups. On one side, there is the judicator, on the other side, the magmual. Each with two ammo pickups beside them. On the upper level, you will find an affinity weapon, and a blue health orb. If you take the alt tunnel on either side of the blue, you will eventually land on a Double Damage power up. Now, the key to this map is having everything under control. If you want to win, you must keep both health orbs under control. You must know the exact second that each will spawn, so you can get there before your opponent. If you have somewhat decent aim, and you have the health under control, your opponent literally can't win. Now, let's discuss what you need to do in a real match, from start to finish. When you spawn, you need to quickly go straight for the yellow health (If you can, try to be the host, because the host spawns closer to the yellow). Then, boost up to the blue health leaving you with 199, which is full health, and your opponent at 99, which is half. If you are Sylux, put a trip wire over the health while you are at it, so if you can't get it, your opponent should lose some health in the process while they get it. I can't stress this enough, you always need to keep the yellow health under your control. If your opponent gets to it before you do, that could decide the entire match. On a tiny map like this, control means absolutely everything! Now, if your opponent retreats from you, through some mags at them as they run. You need to be one step ahead of them, so they can't get to the health before you kill them. If they manage to get to the blue, keep shooting mags up at them. Take cover, because they will try to land a kill on you while camping up top. At the same time, keep the yellow under your possession. Follow these tips, and you should win a Processor Core match easily. Don't follow them, and you will beg for mercy. Good luck! ^_^.

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