Planets (MPH)

Alinos A planet with a core that has collapsed leaving it unstable. Alinos is consequently filled with lava and is fairly desolate. It houses several indications of Alimbic occupation from a previous time in addition to historic Alimbic sites like the Combat Hall. Alinos is presumably the planet mainly occupied by the Alimbics before the tragedy came upon them. Alinos is the site of the Alimbic Cannon, a massive tool that fires rays capable of disrupting space time. The cannon is powered by the eight octoliths.

Multiplayer Levels Found in Alinos:

Arcterra A frozen planet caked with ice with some indication of Alimbic inhabitation. The planet's harsh environment may have stifled attempts at habitation but made it an excellent site for the Alimbic Vault. The Alimbics outfitted this planet with several security systems including automatic turrets, scan activated locks, time release vault doors, and barriers. Arcterra is also home to several versatile species.

Multiplayer Levels Found on Arcterra:

Celestial Archives A storage facility for data and a port for the Alimbic Society. The archives are filled with several teleportation devices and data shrines. It is even outfitted with a space port for transportation and receiving shipments. There are several strange items hidden in the archives including the Shock Coil, a federation weapon. The Archives are filled with several devices that spawn offensive creatures. The Transfer Lock appears to have been created for security purposes.

Multiplayer Levels Found in Celestial Archives:

Vesper Defense Outpost A military facility armed with several Alimbic Weapons and Defensive devices. The outpost is severely damaged, with ice, and debris orbiting around it. Liquids have frozen on the surface of the outpost, covering it with ice. Strangely, it has what appears to be a brain in a glass case, like Mother Brain, though the case has been broken open. Vesper is fairly small though it does have several automated defense systems and seems to be the birthplace of Alimbic Guardians and a site for the possible development of weapons. Vesper includes complicated morph ball tunnels with laser beams. It also has several rooms sealed by barriers.

Multiplayer Levels Found in Vesper Defense Outpost:

Oubliette An inter-dimensional prison created to house the galactic cancer Gorea. The Alimbics accessed this forsaken land with the Alimbic Cannon, a large machine capable of tearing through space time thus, reaching Oubliette when fueled by the eight Octolith. It is an empty and foreboding place meant to never be accessed so that Gorea would stay forever sealed. Oubliette is also where the Alimbics hid their most powerful weapon, the Omega Cannon. They hid this weapon, because like Gorea, searching for it would be foolish.

Multiplayer Levels Found in Oubliette:

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