Planets (MP3)

While you play through Metroid Prime 3: Corruption's storyline, you will go to many different planets via. your ship. Most of which have a Leviathian Seed.

GFS Olympus
This is one of the Federation's space stations. It is the first land you visit at the start of your mission. Also you will fight your first boss, the Berserker Lord. Also you will be able to activate Hyper Mode with the PED Suit. After you leave here you will be never be able to come back.

In this rather small planet all you will need to do is power generators. In the process you will collect certain power-ups as you get more weapons. Rundas will help you power the generators and help you escape from Ridley.

Unlike Norion, Bryo is VERY large. Bryo is separated into 4 parts, the Cliff side area, the Jungle, The Fire Side, and an icy area. Also in the center there is a Federation Base where you can land your ship. Also you need to destroy energy units to enter the Seed in the center to battle the boss Mogenar. You will also fight Rundas to get the Ice Missiles.

Elysia might be the largest planet in the game. But be careful because if you fall off the levitating platforms you will be hurt. Now Ghor is corrupted by Phazon so you will fight him too. Your reward is the Plasma Beam. To get to the Leviathian Seed you need to complete a giant missile by picking up pieces with the Ship Grapple Beam. Also you will meet up with an Aurora Unit. Once you reach the Seed you need to fight Helios for the Hyper Missiles.

Pirate Homeworld
Finally Samus will infiltrate the home of the Space Pirates! There are about 3-4 sections here. All can be accessed via your ship or shuttle trains. Be careful there are infrared lights that will activate when you touch them. Then security guards will try to defeat you. Defeat corrupted Gondrayda. Also you will see captive Metroids trying to fuze with Phazon to become more powerful. These Metroids can warp through time and space. In the final Leviathian Seed you will need to fight Omega Ridley to obtain Hyper Grapple.


GF Valhalla
An abandoned Federation ship. Samus must explore here to find codes to access Phaaze. To get around the area you need to have all the energy cells. But most enemies you encounter here are fused with Phazon so be careful.

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