Phazon Nightbarb

[edit] Overview

The Phazon Nightbarb, is a subspecies of the Nightbarb family. They are a mutated version, corrupted by the substance known as Phazon. As such, they are are vastly more powerful than the normal breed. The Phazon Nightbarbs fly around and hunt in groups. Using up some of the Phazon inside their body, they have two different energy attacks at their disposal, in a similar vein to that of the Swarmbot. The first charges up a green ball of energy, which can shoot three energy pulses at the target. The other is a violet ball of energy, which when fully charged will propel them in an energy-encased suicide run at Samus. They also have decent defensive capabilities, as the player cannot damage them unless they're performing one of their two charge attacks. To destroy a group of Phazon Nightbarbs, the player should shoot the ball of energy as they charge up their attack, which will promptly explode and blow-up the creatures as a result.

[edit] Logbook Entry

"Phazon Nightbarbs have enhanced mobility that makes them all but impossible to hit with normal shots. The group will work together to create a powerful energy burst that they will fire at their prey. Detonating the energy charge with normal attacks before it fires should destroy them. Phazon Nightbarbs are the result of Nightbarbs being exposed to Phazon radiation. These mutations look similar to their uncorrupted counterparts, but are characterized by their greatly increased offensive and defensive capabilities."

[edit] Appearances

The Phazon Nightbarb appears in the following games:

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