Phazon (lore)

[edit] Galactic Federation Entry

"Phazon is a substance of intergalactic origin. It is a highly radioactive ore with extreme mutagenic properties. It has certain biological qualities, including the ability to reproduce itself. Exposure to Phazon often affects the brains of sentient beings, causing erratic, destructive behavior. It is also a potent source of energy, surpassing even Fuel Fel in pure output potential. It must be handled carefully, as it can cause "Phazon sickness" if used incorrectly."

This entry can be found in Medlab Delta on the G.F.S. Olympus and on the Valhalla.

[edit] SkyTown Entry

"One week after we had lost communication with the Aurora Unit, we witnessed the living planet strike again. It sent forth several stellar objects, one aimed directly for us. It streaked through the clouds of Elysia, destroying a large portion of our home, ultimately striking the distant core below. Soon our sensors detected the presense of strange energy. Our readings matched with the Federation's data - this was the same toxin that corrupted countless other planets and our creators' world - the galactic scourge called Phazon."

This entry can be found in Construction Bay at SkyTown.

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