Phantoon as seen in Metroid: Other M
Species Unknown
Gender Unknown
First Appearance Super Metroid
Most Recent Appearance Metroid: Other M

Phantoon is a supernatural, ghost-like, multi-dimensional enemy, appearing in both Super Metroid and Metroid: Other M, surprisingly in the latter as the final boss of the game. Phantoon is shown in concept art to be a massively bodied entity, unable to get its full body into the material world and therefore appearing ghost-like. Phantoon's size also changes drastically between its Super Metroid and Metroid: Other M appearance, most likely due to its size changing depending on the amount of energy it absorbs, and in the case of the huge fully-functioning Bottle Ship, a lot more than on the Wrecked Ship, explaining its much larger size.


[edit] Abilities

Phantoon can become intangible to any form of attack, though its single eye can sometimes still be hit, apparently serving as its connection to the material world. It can feed on raw energy without the use of directly interacting with that which it is draining energy from, as shown in Super Metroid where it drained the Wrecked Ship of power. It is also capable of controlling creatures using its brainwaves in a similar fashion to Mother Brain, possibly even learned from Mother Brain due to it being said to be 'tapping into her vicious brainwaves'. In battle it can form Rage Hands as extensions of his consciousness, or phantom eyes from its 'mouth', the less powerful version of the Rage Hands it used in Super Metroid. It can also turn invisible in that game, most likely shifting much of its presence to its own dimension to do so. In Metroid: Other M Phantoon's increased size allows it to use its large tentacles to sweep across the room, damaging Samus if hit. It can also spawn swirling red vortices on the ground, turning into a damaging pillar of energy if stepped in. Its final ability is to shoot short bursts of lasers from its pupil towards Samus. It is possible that he also generates or simply controls the Coverns within the Wrecked Ship.

[edit] Appearances

Phantoon has appeared twice so far in the Metroid series.

[edit] Super Metroid

Phantoon makes his first appearance in Super Metroid as one of the figures on the Golden Statue, meaning Samus has to defeat him to progress to Mother Brain. They eventually meet within the Wrecked Ship, with him materialising after a ring of phantom eyes fly about. They battle, with Samus of course becoming the eventual winner, and Phantoon dematerialising. His defeat gives the Ship its power back, allowing Samus access to the Gravity Suit and Maridea. His part of the statue also crumbles.

[edit] Metroid: Other M

Phantoon appears without explanation at the end of the post-main game story as the surprise final boss. Before his and Samus's battle, he first tries to kill her by teleporting various bio-weapons, such as a Rhedogian and Ghalmanians, in her path to attack her. She is able to beat them all and enter the Control Bridge. Upon arriving, Phantoon hits the windows of the Control Bridge with his tentacle, and reveals himself to attack Samus. During their battle, he smashes the windows completely in an effort to have Samus helplessly pulled out of the Ship by the vacuum of space. Her Suit's Gravity Feature kicks in however, and remains grounded in the Control Room. After a while, Samus is able to deal the final blow to Phantoon, and is sent reeling into space before exploding. His defeat allows Samus acess to a Grapple Point, and she leaves the room.

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