Oubliette Glitches

Infinite Omega Cannon Glitch:
Get the Cannon, and push the L button, right at the same time as you go in alt. The shots will be invisible, but it does work.

Oubliette Wall Glitch 1:
Go on the floor below the top floor. Look around, and you will see two stems meeting up, with a little spot to stand in. Jump on that, go into alt, and you will sink through. Now just land in a spot on the bottom floor, and you'll be in the wall glitch.

Oubliette Wall Glitch 2:
Go on the top floor, and you will see a little balchony thing sticking out. Go on that, and you will see a crack. To get in there, go in alt, go in the crack, and come out of alt. Your in the glitch now.

Oubliette Wall Glitch 3:
Go on the bottom floor near the blue health. You will see a pointy rock. Jump up towards this rock, and you'll go through the wall.

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