Oubliette: Size: Large. The only level that harbours the Omega Cannon, used to previously destroy Gorea. There are four levels to Oubliette: low, medium, normal, high.

Low: Basically where everyone spawns, there are jump pads on each side, one takes you to the normal floor, the other one takes you to the medium floor. There is also a health in the center of the arena.

Medium: An area with a missile pack and a jump pad that takes you to the normal area.

Normal: An area that has a 60 hp heal orb and 2 stairs that take you to the high area.

High: The very top of Oubliette. Where the Omega Cannon is. Personally it (the top floor) looks like a fist holding the Omega Cannon in its palm.

Special Note- When playing "Defender" mode, an affinity symbol will be on the low floor of Oubliette, and the Omega Cannon will not be on the map.

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