Nova Beam

The Nova Beam is currently exclusive to Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and is the last one to be acquired. It is a very high-frequency beam which allows it to shoot through certain objects, namely Phazite, in combination with the X-Ray Visor in order to see things like hidden switches behind it. Phazite Plating is found most prominently on the Pirate Homeworld, but is also present in other areas such as Elysia. The Nova Beam can be fired as a single shot or as a more powerful charged shot. Some enemies have armor made of Phazite and this weapon is the only tool that can be utilized, in addition to the X-Ray Visor to detect and damage their weak spots (such as the head of a Space Pirate for example).

The Nova Beam retains all properties of the previous weapons, such as the Plasma Beam's circuit panel repairing prowess and melting capabilities.

[edit] How to Obtain

You acquire it on the Pirate Homeworld after destroying a machine in the mining facility.

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