[edit] Overview

The Nightbarb has gone through two different iterations since debuting in the Metroid series. In Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, their only form of attack was physical contact by swooping into the player and they were a type of Darkling, common to the places of Dark Agon and Dark Aether. In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, however, they have the ability to charge up energy in a group and then launch it at the player while residing on planet Bryyo. The newer game also introduced the Phazon Nightbarb, a different version of the creature created as a result of Phazon-induced mutation. For the latter, the player needs to shot at the energy in order to overload the process and blowup the creatures.

[edit] Logbook Entry

"Nightbarbs are predators, traveling in packs to search for prey. They have the ability to generate a protective field of energy around their bodies. The ability is unstable, however. If the field makes contact with another life force, it will overload. This also consumes the life force of the Nightbarb, much like a bee's sting ends its life."

[edit] Appearances

The Nightbarb appears in the following games:

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