The Nahime is a strange kind of creature that is found on plant Zebes. They are basically a face stuck to a wall with eyes and a mouth that shoot balls of fire at Samus. Later games revels that they posses a long neck that lunch at Samus when approached. They are generally found in Norfair.

A second kind of Nahime called a Fune appears also. The only difference between a Fune and Nahime is that Funes lack eyes. It's possible though that a Fune is a juvenile Nahime.

Nahimes are found in Super Metroid Metroid Fusion and Metroid: Other M.

[edit] Super Metroid

Nahimes make their first appearance in Super Metroid and are found in Norfair and lower Norfair. Nahimes are extremely resilient and cannot be damaged by any kind of weapon. They can still be frozen but the intense heat thaws them out quickly.

Funes also appear alongside their adult conterparts and function the exact same as them. The only difference however is that they can be killed with a Super Missle, unlike Nahimes.

Unlike Metroid Fusion, they lack their long extendable necks and are totally immobile with their only form Of defence being spitting blue fireballs.

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