Morph Ball

The Morph Ball is a function of the Varia Suit used by Samus Aran. In this mode, her suit morphs into a small ball, allowing her to access hard to reach areas or to travel through tunnels. When in this form, it is possible to drop an unlimited number of bombs, but only in sets of three, which can damage enemies. Samus can also use the concussive blast of the Morph Ball mode to power-up certain devices in order to use them.

[edit] Jumping

There are two options available to the player when using this mode. First is to drop a bomb and charge it up, the resulting explosion propelling you into the air (though this does have a slight lag to it sometimes). The other option (for Wii games), is to flick the Wii Remote up/down, which will make Samus jump up in unison allowing for greater control and faster jumping.

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