Metroid Prime Items


[edit] Energy Tank

Raises your enegry level by 1.

[edit] Missle Tank

Raises your missle count by 5.

[edit] Flamethrower

In the mining security station, blow up the wall near the top with a power bomb. Scan the console to down the forcefield near the bottom. Open the door to get the flamethrower. The flamethrower like the wavebuster has sustained fire. Takes 10 missles to use and 5 for every second after it starts.

[edit] Ice Beam

In the Chozo chapel of the elders, right when you walk in, the doors lock, and the lights turn off. Time to battle the spirit of the Chozo dead. This can get tricky: switch to your power beam as anything else won't work for future reference with the execption of missles. It will zoom around but will stop to fire energy at you during which you should have your beam charged at all times so when it stops or is floating in the air charging up a shot you can use a super missle. Then go to the Morph tracks. Ride to a door in the corner. Take the tunnel to the reflecting pool. At the bottom of the pool, blow the cover. Roll to the left to the very top. If you get eaten by a stone toad, blow it up. Missile the left door on the top leading to the Ice Beam. On the door to the right, there is a save room. If you choose to go back and get the enegy tank in the room with the statue by shooting the white circle with the ice beam 3 chozo ghosts will appear this can get VERY HARD as you don't have X-Ray scanning yet. What i did which worked out well actually is hide behind the statue, that way they can't appear behind you and will always be in front where you can blast them with super missles when visible

[edit] Ice Spreader

In the shore tunnel, blow up the broken glass with a power bomb. Jump down to the platform with the device.

[edit] Phazon Beam

When batteling Metroid Prime's final form stand in the pool of phazon it creates and your beam will be powered up to the phazon beam. Hold down the A button to lay on the hurt.

[edit] Plasma Beam

In the geothermal core from the south core tunnel, look up. Grapple to the top of a platform find the spinner device, and spiner up! do that and jump to the fight platform until you see a morph ball track on a pipe. Follow the track to a bunch of tracks and some little crallers. Do not run into these, blow em' up.The end the track is ice door leading to... The Plasma Beam!!! Hint: when on the big areas of track, you can spread around, not just follow it around. You can dodge the things that way.

[edit] Power Beam

Start out Weapon.

[edit] Super Missles

Hoboy, go through the labs in Phendrana. In the observatory, at the top, there is a floating platform with the missiles you are looking for. Also, there is a save room nearby. Note: this is the only beam combo you need. The others are cool, though.

[edit] Wave Beam

In the chapel of the elders, walk over to the beam in the back. The beam will go down. 2 baby steegoths will come at you, kill them. 2 more will come out after you kill those 2. Time for some fun. A full-grown steegoth will come out to play. After it shoots little balls of ice, hit it's head with some missiles. Repeat until he goes to heaven. Ta-da!, you now have the wave beam. Hint: If Mr. S corners you, roll into morph ball, and go under him.

[edit] Wavebuster

In the dome of light, blast the weak pillars, and get to the top. Your prize for climbing those steps and enduring the puffers is the wavebuster. Warning: While shooting this beam, your missles will continuously drop. I wouldn’t use this beam, unless you want to go to your ship to reload.

[edit] Suits

[edit] Varia Suit

Allows Samus to withstand the intense heat of Magmoor Caverns. Any the cold of Phadandra Drifts.

[edit] Gravity Suit

Allows Samus to move unhindered underwater.

[edit] Phazon Suit

Obtained from beating Omega Pirate. Allows Samus to withstand most forms of Phazon.

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