Metroid Prime Controls

This is the controller used for Metroid Prime

[edit] Standard Controls

Control Stick: Move Samus around. Up moves her forward, Down backward. Left and Right turn her in those directions.

A Button: Fires Samus' Beam Weapon. Once you earn the Charge Beam, hold down the A Button to charge it up, then release.

B Button: Make Samus jump. If Samus has Space Jump, press again in mid-air to double jump. Also, if locked-on to an enemy, pressing B will cause Samus to make a quick jump to the side.

X Button: Switches between Morph Ball mode and standard walking mode. Only works after you get the Moprh Ball.

Y Button: Fires a Missile, once Samus finds them. There's a small amount of downtime between firing Missiles.

L Button: If an enemy is near Samus' crosshair, holding down L will lock onto it. While locked-on, Left and Right on the Control Stick will allow her to strafe around the enemy. If no enemy is targeted, then holding down L and moving Left or Right will be a standard strafe. If Samus has the Scan Visor up, holding down L will allow her to analyze scannable objects. If Samus has the Grappling Beam, hold down L while pointed at an appropriate object to fire it. Release to drop.

R Button: While holding this button, the Control Stick will have Samus look around as opposed to move.

Z Button: Brings up the Map Screen.

START Button: Brings up the Pause Menus.

Control Pad: Allows Samus to switch visors. See the Visors section under Items for more info.

C-Stick: Allows Samus to switch beam weapons.

[edit] Morph Ball Controls

Control Stick: Movement

A Button: Bombs

B Button: Boost Ball

Y button: Power bombs

X button: Switches you between normal and morph ball modes

R Button: Spider ball where appropriate

Z button: Brings up Map screen

START Button: Brings up pause menu

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