Metroid Prime Artifacts


[edit] Artifact of Chozo

Tallon Overworld - Life Grove: You must have Power Bombs. In the water, bomb the drain to raise a little pillar, then roll into the hole underneath. Use the Spinner to rotate the platform, which will rise up and display the artifact. Hop onto it from higher ground.

[edit] Artifact of Elder

Phendrana Drifts - Control Tower: You need the Plasma Beam. In this area, you can climb up to the bunkers above. One has a frozen window. Use the Plasma Beam to thaw it, then use a Super Missile on the fuel cell on that tower in the distance. It'll crash and you'll be able to get the artifact.

[edit] Artifact of Lifegiver

Chozo Ruins - Tower Chamber: You must have the Gravity Suit. From the Ruined Shrine, use the Boost and Spider Balls to get to the Tower of Light. Drop into the water and walk to the Tower Chamber.

[edit] Artifact of Nature

Magmoor Caverns - Lava Lake: You need the Super Missile Beam Combo. Blast down the pillar in the middle of the room.

[edit] Artifact of Newborn

Phazon Mines - Phazon Mining Tunnel: You need the Phazon Suit. Roll into the section of the course covered in Phazon and Bomb all obstacles in your way.

[edit] Artifact of Spirit

Phendrana Drifts - Storage Cave: You need the Plasma Beam. In Phendrana's Edge, start climbing and grappling up platforms. After you pass two floating platforms, you'll reach a ledge with ice on the ground. Set a Power Bomb to blow the wall (you need X-Ray to see behind it), and open the red door.

[edit] Artifact of Strength

Magmoor Caverns - Warrior Shrine:You must have the Space Jump Boots. In the Monitor Station, jump up to the very top, and use your Boost Ball on the Spinner to extend the bridge. Head to the higher up door from there.

[edit] Artifact of Sun

Phendrana Drifts - Chozo Ice Temple: You need the Plasma Beam. At the top of this room, blast the Chozo Statue's hands with the Plasma Beam and it'll melt. Roll up in the hands and you'll open a passage. The Artifact's in there.

[edit] Artifact of Truth

Tallon Overworld - Artifact Chamber: You must have Missiles. Head to the door next to the waterfall at the Landing Site. It is in the middle of the pillars.

[edit] Artifact of Warrior

Phazon Mines - Elite Research: You must have Power Bombs. Detonate one next to the containment tank and fight the Phazon Elite. Once he's finished, he'll leave behind the Artifact.

[edit] Artifact of Wild

Chozo Ruins - Sunchamber (Flaahgra's room): You must have the Spider Ball. Return to the Sun Tower and activate the four runes. Two are on pillars, and the other two are behind Cordite wall hangings. Ride and Bomb Jump up the track and make your way to the chamber. Defeat the three Chozo Ghosts there.

[edit] Artifact of World

Chozo Ruins - Elder Chamber: You need the Plasma Beam. In the Hall of the Elders, shoot the red circle and Bomb the switch. The Chozo Statue will slide aside and you can enter the Elder Chamber.

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