Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Metroid Prime 3 Packaging.jpg
DeveloperRetro Studios
Designer(s)Kenji Yamamoto

Minako Hamano

Masaru Tajima
Release DateNorth America: August 27, 2007

Europe: October 26, 2007
Japan: March 6, 2008

Australia: November 8, 2007
GenreFirst Person Action/Adventure
Mode(s)Single Player
Rating(s)ESRB: T (Teen)

PEGI: 12+

CERO: B (12+)
MediaWii Optical Disc
Input MethodsWii Remote and Nunchuk

[edit] Storyline Overview

The trilogy closes as corruption creeps over the universe... and into Samus Aran. Six months have passed since the events on the planet Aether. The Galactic Federation's network computers, the Aurora Units, are suddenly and completely corrupted with a virus. The Federation believes Space Pirates may be behind it and contracts bounty hunters Ghor, Gandrayda, Rundas and Samus, to locate and neutralize the threat and restore the units to working order. Receiving orders from Aurora Unit (242), Samus will travel the galaxy, meeting many different creatures along the way. She'll have to overcome these, as well as natural obstacles, in order to stop the corruption and discover the secrets behind the mysterious properties and usage of Phazon. Along with the dangerous use of Hypermode, Samus will have to upgrade her suit and ship in order to conquer all that opposes her. The question is, can you do it before you become corrupted too?

[edit] Useful Pages

Characters (MP3)
Controls (MP3)
Planets (MP3)

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