Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Metroid Prime: Federation Force Is an upcoming Nintendo 3DS game that's being set for release in 2016. Federation Force highly differs from the rest of the Metroid canon as for the first time, Samus Aran is NOT the playable character

[edit] Gameplay

Unlike previous Metroid titles which primarily focus on exploring new areas, obtaining various new power ups to unlock other areas and secret hunting, Federation force focuses on First person shooter gameplay rather than exploration, a choice which was certainly not seen in positive light with the gaming community and Metroid fans alike.

As returning from previous Meteoid titles, the scanning ability which allows you to locate secrets and analysis your surroundings is also making a comeback in this title.

Unlike just about every other Metroid game in which you play as bounty hunter Samus Aran, in Federation force you play as a yet to be named marine of the Galatic Federation in which you along with a platoon of other Federation soldiers, will have to travel to different planets and elimate foes such as the returning Metroids and Space Pirates. There is apparently 3 planets and 60 missions in the game.

[edit] Reception

Federation Force's unveil received a significant amount of hatred and backlash, with its official YouTube video having a 90% dislike ratio to likes. The main criticisms are being directed at its poor graphics, the lack of Samus Aran and the fact the game priorities FPS gameplay rather than exploration, the trope that essentially made the Meteoid series.

Since the game was so heavily disliked, a petion was made on that was directed at the developers to cancel the title. In the first 24 hours over 7500 people signed it!

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