Metroid Prime

[edit] Storyline

American Boxart for Metroid Prime

Samus Aran, galactic bounty hunter extraordinaire, comes to a Space Pirate base, in orbit around planet Tallon IV. After clearing it of its inhabitants- Pirates and mutants, a self destruct is triggered. She has meer minutes to escape. Running frantically through tunnels, she stumbles upon the dragonoid Ridley, now sporting a cybernetic form. Her arsenal electrically overloaded, She follows him down to the planet's surface. There, she discovers the secrets of the chemical Phazon and uncovers the Space Pirates newest scheme. Thus begins an sprawling, epic adventure that will forever change the galaxy! Will Samus be able to again defeat the space pirates, or will she fall to the mutating effects of Phazon?

Samus facing towards a Flying Pirate, surrounded by a crosshair; also shown are: immediate area danger level, radar, health status, mini-map, missile ammo, current/available beams, and current/available visors.

[edit] Gameplay

Metroid Prime introducted 3D playing to Metroid

Metroid Prime can best be described as a 1st person 3D adventure game. Prime takes the honor of being the first 3D Metroid game to be released. With a strong emphasis on exploration rather than combat, the game adopts a unique control scheme (see Metroid Prime Controls) to allow you use of Samus' massive arsenal (see Metroid Prime Items), featuring items like the Grappling Beam, Power Bombs and Ice Beam.

Aside an emphasis in exploration, Metroid Prime makes use of the Bounty Hunter entire arsenal to solve puzzles, from mundane bomb jumping to needing the use of the super missiles to bring down a tower in order to progress. Examples of this are too many to list.

In combat Bosses are often puzzles rather than simple obstacles with a pattern, the Hive Guardian and the Metroid Prime are examples of this, each needing a good grasp of the controls and a keen eye for detail.

The world of Tallon IV is separated into a number of regions:

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