Metroid II: Return of Samus

Metroid II: Return of Samus
Metroidii.jpgAmerican Boxart
Intelligent Systems
Release Date(s)January 20, 1992 [NA]
January 21, 1992 [JP]
May 21, 1992 [EU]
RatingOpen, K-A (Kids to Adult)

Metroid II: Return of Samus is the second released game in the Metroid Series, but the sixth game in the series timeline. Metroid II is the first (and only) developed for the Gameboy by Intelligent Systems and R&D1.

In this portable adventure, Samus Aran is sent, by the Galactic Federation, to the Metroid homeplanet, SR-388, in an effort to exterminate the Metroids before they can be adapted as weapons by the Space Pirates. Throughout the game, Samus nearly eradicates the entire Metroid population which exist in various forms such as the common jelly-fish like to a larger lizard-like Metroid. After destroying the Metroid Queen, Samus, on her way to the planet's surface, witnesses the hatching of a Metroid which follows her to the gunship and leads to the story of Super Metroid.

[edit] Credits

Role Name
Producer Gunpei Yokoi
Director Hiroyuki Kimura
Director Hiroji Kiyotake
Main Programmer Takahiro Harada
Programmer Isao Hirano
Programmer Masao Yamamoto
Programmer Masaru Yamanaka
Graphic Design Hiroyuki Kimura
Graphic Design Hiroji Kiyotake
Program Assistant Yuzuru Ogawa
Program Assistant Nobuhiro Ozaki
Sound Programmer Ryohji Yoshitomi
Design Takehiko Hosokawa
Design Yasuo Inoue
Design Makoto Kanoh
Design Masafumi Sakashita
Design Tomoyoshi Yamane

This game is part of the Metroid Series
Preceded by
This is the 2nd game in the
Metroid Series
Succeeded by
Super Metroid

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