Metroid Bosses

[edit] Kraid

Left This boss throws somewhat of pointy claws at you while swinging them like boomerangs, he also shoots missles and spikes from his back so its almost impossible to beat the boss without getting hurt. A good tactic will be bringing your Ice Beam with you so that when he shoots the spikes on his back, they will freeze and theres a breaking point for this boss.

[edit] Mother Brain


Here is the final boss, in the chamber there are poles with holes in them so you are able to walk through, but every other pole has a tube blocking it making it inpassable. To destroy these things, shoot them with missiles. But you must be quick because if you take too long they will regenerate. But after you completely destroy a tube, it can never grow back. So don't worry.After you get to the last pipe, there she is, Mother Brain. Mother Brain has no attacks, infact she can't even move. Just break open the glass case with one missile, and keep shooting the brain creature. But watch out, the most annoying part of this battle are the rinkas that keep coming out at you. They can even push you into the lava next to Mother Brain making it hard to get out. The best way to get rid of these guys is to freeze them. There can only be 3 on the screen at once, so freeze them all. Then keep shooting missiles at Mother Brain like crazy. When the rinkas unfreeze, just freeze them again. Another way you can do it which will also save time is to just avoid the rinkas. Keep falling off the pipe, then jump back on the pipe using your Screw Attack, and you might kill some rinkas. After you beat her, a countdown will start, and you have to go to the top of the shaft, via extremely small platforms. You're given plenty of time though, so it shouldn't be too difficult to do. Once you reach the top, ride the elevator up, and then you have completed the game.

[edit] Ridley


Probably the easiest boss of the game, a silly humorus boss Nintendo put in to clown around with if you ask me. You can beat this boss without even getting hurt. To beat him you can spit out Fire Balls, but just stay curled in a ball, and sit on the little platform on the right, and the fireballs will disappear without hurting you, now quickly jump on the big platform on the middle, and shoot missiles at him. Then when he spits fire balls out again. Do the same thing, roll into a ball, stand on the right platform, and wait for them to disappear. Just keep repeating this tactic, and you shouldn't get hurt once!

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