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Metroid Blast
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Metroid Blast is an unofficial game in the Metroid Series, appearing as one of the minigames within the game Nintendo Land.


[edit] Storyline

The storyline, due to just being a attraction minigame based upon the Metroid series, is quite simple. It involves up to five Miis gearing up as Samus Aran, one of which assuming control of her ship, and taking on many different levels against Space Pirates and other creatures, some of which are brand new and unseen before in any Metroid game. The host of the full game, Monita, acts somewhat as an antagonist within this attraction, her being apparently on good terms with Kraid and Ridley, shown to even pat Ridley as if he were a pet when the boss fights with him and his ice counterpart starts, and it is possible she controls them. All the enemies in the game are also animatronic with their weak spots being represented by On/Off buttons.

[edit] Controls

Note that only buttons that have an actual function in-game are listed.

[edit] Gamepad

ZL Button: Fires the Ship's laser. Can be held in to fire a missile.

Left Circle-Pad: Causes the Ship to ascend or descend, depending upon whether moved up or down, respectively.

Right Circle-Pad: Causes the ship to move in any direction in a 360 degrees radius, for example pushing the Pad to the left will cause the Ship to glide to the left, and pushing it upwards causes the Ship to fly forward, and so on. Pushing it in causes the Ship to boost in the direction the Pad is being pushed.

Gyroscope: Gyroscopic controls are used to aim at other players or enemies through tilting and moving the Gamepad.

Start: Pauses the game.

[edit] Wii Remote and Nunchuck

[edit] Bosses

[edit] Items

  • Ice Beam
    • The Ice Beam changes Samus and her Ship's Charge Beam into a beam that freezes enemies upon contact.

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